Tug of War – Movie

The timely tale of two Muslim youth who become exposed to radicalised Islam and their gripping journey to the opposite ends of the spectrum. Khalil (Played by Boonaa Mohammed) is a Somali born-again Muslim who has recently become reconnected with his faith after serving 4 years in a federal prison, and Anas (Played by Mohammed Zeyara) is a former police informant turned extremist who is bent on waging war against the system that ruined his life.

Produced by Sakinah TV
In Association with Safina Media

Directed by Manee Osman
Written by Boonaa Mohammed

Anas: Mohammed Zeyara
Khalil: Boonaa Mohammed
Mother: Ubah Qayliye
Father: Abdulkadir Kelp
Officer 1: David Crowe
Officer 2: Rick Cordeiro
Blitz: Eric Parris
Mosque brother: Afroz Khan
Solider: Omar Albach
Imam: Shaykh Said Rageah
News Reporter: Ibad Mukhtar
Waiter: Ramzi Adam
Girlfriend Voice: Ashley O'Donnell

Special Thanks to
Urjii Mohammed and Malik Frimpong
Abdurashid Mohammed
Seada Mohammed
Sahan Restaurant
Sakinah Community Center
Salahuddein Islamic Center

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