Yes! Here the rule of thumb: if you are showing the film anywhere outside your home, you are legally obligated to purchase the appropriate package and license for your institution. We review all purchases to confirm correct licensing. So please don’t get caught cheating—it’s really embarrassing and can even get you in trouble.

No, the Public Screening kit contains a unique Event Planning Resource guide alongside the downloadable film link, discussion guide and poster template. The Educational Kit contains the same materials—downloadable link to the film, discussion guide, poster template and educational resource guide to be used as an in class teaching guide. The difference is the license, which is based on the type of organization and usage of the film. Please see the next question for more information.

We offer a tiered licensing and pricing system based on the general usage for each type. If you plan on just watching the film in the comfort of your home with yourself, friends and family than you will qualify for the “Individual License”.

If you plan to offer a public screening of the film for more than 50 people, and either charge an entrance fee or not, we still require you purchase a “Public Screening” license. A school, masjid or nonprofit may use the film for educational purposes for less than 50 people at a time, in which case they would require the “Educational License.”

Our goal is to make the film accessible to all types of organizations and, at the same time, generate enough revenue to keep our company alive and well. As independent filmmakers, we rely on your support to keep producing great films and making them available to the public. All of the proceeds from our sales go directly into paying our staff, producing new content, and distributing it to you.

The “Educational License” and “Public Screening License” allow for an unlimited amount of screenings at one facility. This means you can show the film as many times as you’d like at one physical location, school, masjid etc. If you’d like to show the film at multiple locations, you must purchase a separate license for each location. Please contact us about purchasing multiple kits at a discount—we offer discounts for bulk orders and even the opportunity to customize your package with your organization’s name and logo. For more information, contact

You should purchase the Public Screening Kit as generally, the license is valid for one physical location, but we’ve made an exception for individuals who want to show the film to various small community organizations. So, for example, if you want to show the film to your local masjid, you can purchase the Public Screening license and you’re good to go. Please use your honest judgment—if you work for one of those institutions, the institution must purchase a separate license for each location.